Julia Quinn skapar nytt

Ännu en bra författare, som uppdaterar via facebook. Dialogen verkar lovande, enligt mig. Tyvärr är hon inte ens känd här i Sverige, men riktigt bra som sagt.

"Writing like crazy today, trying to finish up my section of The Lady Most Willing. I'm having so much fun with it! My favorite bit I wrote yesterday:

“I have known your father for thirty years. I’ll not dishonor him by leaving you alone in the bloody buttery with the Duke of Breedon.”

“Bretton,” came the duke’s clipped voice.
“He knows your name,” Catriona said to the duke, although she did not take her eyes off Taran. “He’s just being contrary.”
“I don’t care what his name is—”
“You should,” Bretton murmured. “You really should.”

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